We will inform you our “学食 GAKUSHOKU” service  for Student Members.
As for 学食 GAKUSHOKU, It means school cafeteria.
We disclose the detail information of our GAKUSHOKU supporting member restaurants, shops which subscribe to our activities, service contents and to give our student members extra incentive to try your restaurant for the first time is a great way to turn them into loyal customers.

“At 学食 GAKUSHOKU, You can find
Tasty food Menus with lovely wines.”

We will start provide 学食 GAKUSHYOKU service for our Members since April, 2021. Member is those who will learn, join our future seminar, lesson through JAPAN HUNGARY WINE. That's why Students can buy our 学食 GAKUSHOKU menu which our member restaurants will offer “Students” an incentive to buy their food items at a discount and to recieve Visit privilege. We call this service “ GAKUWARI”.

Breakfast & Lunch Menu

At our online school cafeteria “GAKUSHOKU”, You can chose Tasty Breakfast & Lunch Menu Item  and buy them special rate for students.

Birthdays & Events

Our real students and subscribers in the month of their birthday will receive a special bonus from GAKUSHOKU.

Fresh Coffee & Wines

GAKUSHOKU supporting cafe and wine bars in Hungary and Japan offer our students an insentive to buy their coffee menu and wine from their wine list at a discount “GAKUWARI”.


Sweets Collection “OYATSU” Menu.

The best way to experience our wide collection of sweets is to visit the store. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing sweets to satisfy your palate.

Wanted GAKUSHOKU 学食 Supporting Members.
Awesome Restaurant, Cafe, Wine Bar and any kind of Shops.

HUNGARY JAPAN WINE is seeking for our new business model GAKUSHOKU service cooperative companies which has own restaurants, cafe, wine bar and lovely goods shops relative to wine & food. We offer good opportunity for cooperative companies to add your web site link to your menu pictures on our GAKUSHOKU menu list page for free. This new idea GAKUSHOKU service is surely useful to attract customers to your online and real shops, restaurants. About Service detail, please contact us from following contact form.

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