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Dear Export Managers of Wineries, We provide the  Contact database service of The Best Japanese Importers, which they have creditable import performance for Foreign Wineries and have long history over minimum 20 years for importing foreign wines.This Service is for Paid Member, Our Subscribers Only. Please Subscribe Us in advance.

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Our Professional Wine &Business Educators Were Chosen From All Over The World As Well As Hungary, Japan Will Conduct Awsome Online Lessons, Courses In English And Hold Online Wine Events, Seminnars For Our Members, Subscribers Only.


Our Members Who Will Join And Learn The Awsome Courses By Our Professional Edcators Will Be Able To Get The Certification From Each Educators. We Will Give You Many Great Chances To Connect Our Professional Educators And Know The New Amazing World For You In Business. We Organize Online Events, Seminars Courses For Our Members, Subscribers During COVID 19 Disaster.


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プレミアムメンバーの皆様へ、ハンガリーのワイン教育学者、博士、WSET Level 3 またはDiploma、ハンガリーのワインメーカー、マスターオブグレープ、ぶどう栽培学の教育学者、ワイン専門ライター、ハンガリーのチャンピオンソムリエ等、ハンガリーワイン界およびWSET、Master of Wineなど、ヨーロッパのワインエキスパートを講師に迎えて開催する、専門的なオンラインワイン講座やワインセミナー、特別なワインテイスティングセミナーにご招待、または特別割引価格でご提供します。


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We Are Providing The Occasion Of Learning Varies Of Professional Wine Seminar, Wine Course, Wine Tasting Lesson Through Our Site For All Applicants From All Over The World As Well As Japan. Please Check Our Master Wine Educator “Dr. Mészáros Gabriella Dip. WSET , Hungary Top Wine Educator, International Wine Scholar” Profile from the Menu of Course.

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We Are Organizing The Occasion To Meet And Communicate Professional Educators For Any Business Men Want To Work Overseas.
Please Check Our Master Business Educator “Járfás Zsuzsanna Phd(c), MBA Finance” Profile from the Menu of Course.

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We are introducing or organizing Hungarian and Europian Coutries Awesome online Wine Tasting Events our members will be able to join by free and at affordable prices

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We Are Providing The Occasion Of Learning Varies Of Professional Wine Seminar, Wine Course, Wine Tasting Lesson Through Our Site For All Applicants From All Over The World As Well As Japan.



You can get online registration for our Menbers. Members'benefit is to know precious imformation of global business especially agriculture, food, wine and advertising marketing industries. And you can get the precious opportunity to join the online events by our proffesional educator members. When you would like to search wine item, wineries and importer contact info with our web library, We will ask you annual or half-year subscription charge. Further, When you would like to join some course which we organize, provide you, we will ask you the course, event, seminar fee only then.

ハンガリーのワイン教育学者、博士、WSET Level 3 またはDiploma、ハンガリーのワインメーカー、マスターオブグレープ、ぶどう栽培学の教育学者、ワイン専門ライター、ハンガリーのチャンピオンソムリエ等、ハンガリーワイン界およびWSET、Master of Wineなど、ヨーロッパのワインエキスパートを講師に迎えて開催する、専門的なオンラインワイン講座やワインセミナー、特別なワインテイスティングセミナーにご招待、または特別割引価格でご提供します。





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    We inform you some examples of awesome wineries in Tokaji invited us this summer. If you’d like to know about the details of Hungarian Wineries, Please  subscribe to our web library service and search the informations of wines, wineries you are attracted to.  


    Hugh Johnson's Mad investment is one of the oldest and still the most successful among the big wineries that were set up immediately following the political changes. From the very beginning a serious professional team was installed within its walls and later a line of great contemporary winemaking talents flowed out from them. It has been going through development and renewal in the last couple of years. There have also been changes in key positions, although the reliable quality and massive market presence, which extend well outside Hungary, is still agiven. Furthermore, Royal Tokaji offers favourable prices in every Tokaji category. Also, alongside the solid estate wines, if you7re on the lookout for rarities here you can find unique dry selections and single-vinyard aszu, which are always in the 6-puttonyoscategory. These are selected from the best plots of their own neighbouring vinyards. Source : Tokaj Guide 2019
    Royal Tokaji
    ロイヤル トカイ
    Tibor Kovacs had the opportunity to gain rich experience in several foreign wine regions throughout his studies. He and the estate, which was resurrected by French capital, opened up the way for Tokaji to fight for the freedom of sweet wines. Hétszőlő might not be the loudest voice in the wine region, yet owing to its straightforward style and easily recognisable loess character, it will always be a distinctive piece in the Tokaji jigsaw. The aszu wines represent the focal point of their beliefs and the greatest excitement factor as well. Among the aszus - that are radically soaked in must - the 5 puttonyos is the main category. Their wines are always built on elegance and delicate structure rather than weight. Interestingly, their aszus from the most problematic vintages are the most exciting, which proves the value of the loess. The estate is shifting over completely to organic cultivation. The vineyard got its name from the Garais in 1502 and its later owners were also big names. Source : Tokaj Guide 2019
    Tokaj-Hétszőlő Bio
    トカイ ヘートスールー
    The Loire Valley genius of Tarcal, Stephanie Berecz, came to the wine region to gain professional experience, but on top of that, she also met her future husband Zsolt here too. Even though they've always been busy , from now on they welcome their visitors in a new tasting facility that matches their world class wine style. It still pay off to be curious when it comes to KIkelet. The path they discovered leads us to beautiful loess-soil vineyards through their wines, which are always refined, pristinely pure and elegant. They do not follow benchmarks, they define their own style. The Furmints are richly aromatic while the Harslevelus are astonishing. As a novelty, they have also begun to work more seriously with traditional method sparkling wine and even carry out every single step themselves. Source : Tokaj Guide 2019
    Tokaj Kikelet
    トカイ キケレット


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