Járfás Zsuzsanna Phd(c), MBA Finance

Járfás Zsuzsanna Phd(c), MBA Finance

I advise on marketing and new growth strategies starting from needs and feasibility assessment, operating design and talent portfolio compatibility assessment, process improvement, capability training through product development and execution/project management. Counterparts include government agencies, medium and global organizations from the automotive, logistics & supply chain, energy, retail, tourism & leisure, retail and restaurant industries, professional services providers and young ventures in Japan. Prior to this, I worked at Nippon Koei K.K., during which I supported the launch of a bilateral government led infrastructure project in the Middle East. A graduate of the Budapest Business School, I pursued MBA Finance studies in Japan’s, Globis University, Graduate School of Management. I am preparing to defend my doctorate thesis at Babeș-Bolyai University Faculty of Business and Economy, Department of Marketing. My research interest is organizational behaviour of group companies, concentration on South-East Asian/Japanese business groups via a case from the shipping industry. Published articles can be found here.

Special Projects

2019 De Gruyter Publishing House, author of articles on management 2019 36th Euro-Asia Management Studies Association Annual Conference; presenter 12th International Conference “Marketing – from information to decision; presenter 2018 11th International Conference “Marketing – from information to decision; presenter


1. Corporate strategy / strategic business planning

Strategic growth opportunity assessment

  • Understand market by customer insights, trending, competitor mapping • Determine opportunity potential
  • Determine whether existing capabilities and resources are aligned with the opportunity
  • Determine gaps
  • Determine whether gap can be bridged by optimization or new capability building or acquisition
  • Identify tangible/intangible investment to bridge gap
  • For optimization, execute via capability building, process improvement, communication design improvement, consultative execution

2. Operations & process improvement / business process design

New growth strategy implementation/Change management

  • Identify capability & resources & key stakeholders for new growth objectives
  • Establish capability & resources gap for new growth by assessing existing capabilities & resources, examine potential to optimize processes, resource distribution, talent pool, management influencing
  • Identify required tangible and intangible investment
  • Outline implementation plan with key stakeholders, milestones and success criteria
  • Implement initiative via consultative facilitation

3. Cultural and organizational change management

  • Assess by qualitative methods: semi-structured interviews, content analysis, documentation research, participative observation etc.
  • Conduct gap analysis
  • Align findings and goals with strategies, systems and people operations
  • Conduct feasibility study
  • Prepare roll-out plan
  • Provide execution assistance, management coaching, talent development training via interactive workshops and joint projects

4. 4. Operations & Process Improvement & Business Process Design

Process optimization

  • Identify pain/bottleneck by process mapping, documentation research, qualitative methods
  • Identify key stakeholders, roles and contribution to creating/alleviating/solving bottleneck
  • Raise awareness of problem and include stakeholders in sense-making
  • Devise solution in a consultative, inclusive process – project manage through key milestones to meet success criteria – implementation synchronized with devising solution

Online Business Courses

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Strategic Business Salon

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Highlight of track record

2017 November ~ CoreLogic (NYSE); Account Director for Japan

In charge of strategic partnerships, insurance and reinsurance markets: market intelligence, new growth opportunities, feasibility, client-centered product development, event response, relationship building and management, brand management, vendor and partner sourcing Reintroduced brand to market and retained – grew key accounts, established communication channels to discover user cases, hidden needs and emerging market trends, built internal momentum by securing C-suite level buy-in to roll-out new strategies, provided counsel for projects and market-specific communications. Drove initiatives to optimize operating model to be better responsive to market developments and specific client needs.

2014 July ~ Advisor; organizational design and operating model optimization

• Global shipper, Japanese – enabled new growth by operating model optimization, advised on restructuring communication design to allow better visibility into outlying units’ operations, to better align HQ and subsidiaries objectives and related actions and to be promptly responsive to changes across all markets • Global white goods maker, Japanese – advised on APAC, North/South America growth strategy by promoting client-centered innovation, optimizing communication design to create cross-functional and cross-regional connections. As a result, planning capability has been delegated to previously outlying organizational units and HQ commitment is secured to implement projects suggested by the subsidiaries. • Renewable energy, engineering venture (150+ staff); organizational and culture change, helped identify and formulate values, drove field and rank dialogue, broke down silos by making communication lines and processes explicit, identified new leaders and designed – facilitated management training, identified gaps in operating model and designed improvements

• Food wholesale incl. call center operations, international mid-tier corporation: organizational and culture change – helped formulate new goals and values, aligned business strategy and model, championed operations optimization by organizational change, communication re-design, process improvement and capability training, HR cycle revision, services development (design thinking method), assisted implementation of measures by co-designing project management plans and advising on implementation. Operating profits doubled in a month after launching new services. Identified 37.2% cost-cut opportunity in inventory management • Fitness club chain, among domestic top 5: developed marketing strategy to reposition business – discovered untapped segment with growth potential of 2.2% to 4.3% (JPY 0.5 – 1 billion) • Research contractor for the Boston Consulting Group: contributed to client presentations with analytics and first proposals • Go-to-market strategy for pharmaceutical venture (oncology) and business case for food retailer to expand into new industry (lifestyle): established financial viability, mapped competitive landscape and customer behavior, found and built network imperative to enter market and proposed positioning and growth strategy including scenario analysis and financial projections • Market trending for EU marketing publication: relationship of urban development and retail in Japan, retail scenes, purchasing trends, shopping behavior, mobility, free time and relaxation • Renewable infrastructure development project; Laos, estimated capital cost USD 50 million. Established economic and financial viability, drew up project management plan, stakeholder engagement plan

2013 March- 2014 June Nippon Koei Co. Ltd., Project Facilitator Telecommunications development project (Iraq)

Coordinated a government sponsored megaproject; multibillion dollar range, 14 team members and 20+ collaborators, six nationalities. Designed & facilitated Client workshop to introduce latest trends in Japanese telecom technology and practical application. Special achievement: sensitive conflict resolution – use expertise and insights in the Middle East and Japan to increase awareness and optimize interaction among parties; government level Client relations, conflict resolution, contract negotiation and consultative progress management Micro-hydropower project; Nepal Multimillion USD; reconstruct/refurbish three hydroelectric power plants; project design phase