Gere Attila Winery

We visited Villány (the creators of the Borzselé show and the founders of the Hungarian-Japanese Wine Association) to check what is the news at some wineries during Covid 19 time.
The first venue was A. Gere Winery, where we had some fantastic hospitality from the owners. We have just arrived at a 25-item periodic tasting. Welcome to the second part of our report.
It is a great pleasure for me to be able to work with them since 2007 as a consultant at Gere Winery.
The need for farming close to nature started from the vein of forester Attila. When we began to work together and use natural materials, it was already decided in His mind. The convincing results were followed by an official login in 2011.
It is a great pleasure and pride that the winery knows such expectations in the premium category.

私達ハンガリーワイン協会 HUNGARY JAPAN WINEと、アメリカのテレビ局AMC Networksハンガリー支局の撮影クリエイターユニットBorzsléとともに行う、ハンガリーワイン普及のための共同撮影プロジェクトが、2021年1月下旬からスタート。

本プロジェクトで一番最初に登場するワイナリーは、ハンガリーの赤ワイン名産地ヴィラー二地方にあるA. GERE ゲレ アッティラ ワイナリー。





Fantastic hours with Mr. Attila Gere -Papp Hideko san & Mrs. Andrea Gere at Gere Attila Pincészete cellar

Brilliant Full Body Red Wines at A. GERE

The Gere Attila Pincészete had shown to us (Hungary Japan Wine) 3 brilliant wines. Pure Cabernet Sauvignon (100%) Kopar and Solus.

Corporate locations

We have a professional wine taster (Wine essayist, WSET) from Tokió as a guest. She is really satisfied as the FinoMagazin writer with Gere wines from one of the best and only one Gere Attila Pincészete. She is the founder a nice association. That’s called Hungary Japan Wine.

Andrea Gere Skin Care

The Gere Family is sourcing their grape seed from their own organically cultivated vineyards. With their own technology they create grape seed micro powder, extra virgin grape seed oil and their signature grape seed extract.

Thank you for your kind hospitality at winery

With Ms. Andrea Gere , owner of A. GERE winery and Andrea Gere Skin Care (left side) 

Mr. Attila Gere, Winery owner

Mr. Attila Gere represent his fantastic red wines at the couter Gere Attila Pincészete.

Between Shooting

We took a rest with finom cappuccino which they made for us between shooting.

Gallery at Gere Attila Pinceszete Between Shooting

Our Video Coming Soon


Attila Turbék (Right Side)

Borzselé Owner Cameraman, AMC Networks Central Europe Kft. Operatőr CET Filmstúdió & Média Kft Studio manager

Cseh-Lehoczki Krisztina

Borzselé Reporter (Right Side in this picture)

Tamás Kőrös

Co Founder Hungary Japan Wine Association (Right Side in this picture)

Papp Hideko

Co Founder Creative Director of Hungary Japan Wine Association WSET Level 3 Wine Essayist in Budapest

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