Tamás Kőrös, Representative, Advisor International Consultancy of Organic Viticulture


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I worked for the Biocont Magyarország Kft. in affiliation of the Biocont Laboratory Ltd. Biological plant protection producer company as a Senior Technical Adviser from 2006.

During my studies and work I had a chance to get acquainted with the many processes of plant protection. In many cases I also had a chance to use the products and evaluate their efficacy. In my early years at study-farm, we regularly organised meetings for farmers where we presented our research and demo-work. At the Faculty we developed a lot of international contacts and we regularly cooperated with foreign institutes and companies, conducting experimental work for them. I was involved in organising and actively participated (as a lecturer about different crop protection issues) in meetings, held under the umbrella of the Agricultural Ministry Regional Advisory Program. During this period I learned a lot about dealing with different people who are involved in agriculture.

For the VILMORIN historical French international seed company, I worked on product development in 6 countries (Hungary, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia). I collaborated with the exclusive distributors of the countries. I was in daily contact with the product managers and breeders in English.

Before the variety registration, I set up local experiments for the breeding program. Additionally, I implemented and evaluated the perspective hybrids in the region. I supported their work with presentations, partner meetings and technical assistance, gaining professional international experience.


Postgraduate study

Plant protection and nutrition management Plant protectionist at the University of Horticulture





University of Horticulture and Food Industry, Budapest College Faculty of Horticulture, Kecskemét Horticultural engineer

Secondary School

Horticultural Secondary Technical School, Kiskőrös


Foreign Experience

Yew Tree Farm at the Hadlow College of Agriculture and Horticulture, Kent, England. Farm managing and soil cultivation from 1991.

Biocont Mo. Ltd. as part of BioCont Group

Senior Technical Adviser and Leader Sales Man from 2006. Wide range of sales experience with plant protection products including B2B. Success launch new products. Organize field days and trial places. Support the team of sale. Product adaptation and positioning for local market. Well organize of the complaint, as a bridge between the producer, distributor and the farmer. Technical advice for the growers weekly, as part of strategic plan (in the intensive spray period) Helps to the regulatory manager. Report to the Country Manager. Good direct connections with the plant protection product producer companies and the mother company team as well. Extensive marketing knowledge. Writing articles in the leader journals.

Limagrain Hungarian representative VILMORIN subsidiary

Regional Product Development Manager at Vilmorin subsidiary in 2005. Good understanding of the market, request and collection of market information. Planning, setup and assessment of trials. Report to the International Sales Manager. Participate to the production forecast and the sale forecast. To do synthesis and assessment sheets and make forecast and apply of business plan. Extensive travel by car and by plane.

Study-farm at College Faculty of Horticulture, Kecskemét

Crop protectionist, chief horticulturist, practical teacher from 1995. Plant protection and variety trials, making technologies and logistics Maintaining international relations. Presentations and meetings, advising technology for one decade.

Hungarian Wineries which I have worked as their consultant, advisor,International Consultancy of Organic Viticulture


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