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The list items are written in Japanese. As for registration items meaning, please refer to the following. Please fill out your registration lists , Please write in all the items(user name, email, password, First Name, Last Name) the above.

一般会員/個人 無料会員登録


Free Members Registration

一般会員/個人 無料会員登録

Free Membership 無料仮登録会員

How to fill the above the first registration form to join supporting regular members?

ユーザー名 Please make your username and enter it
メールPlease enter your Email Address
パスワード Please make your own password and enter it
パスワードを再入力Please re-enter your password
Please insert your First Name here
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□了承します→Agree 利用規約→Terms and Condition
□了承します→Agree プライバシーポリシー→Privacy Policy


If you want to browse the databese of creditable importers and hungarian wineries contact informations in our library service contents, Please register as our supporting members= regular paid members. Click the below button and fill out paid member registration list.



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