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法人会員 サービス・特典内容とご入会について

Become the Corporate Patrons HJW

When you click this photos, you can check our basic package pamphlet for Vintner Partners and Corporate Patron Partners.

How to make online payment as Corporate patrons HJW

会員種別年会費一覧 Membership Type & Annual Fee

Annual FeeSupporting MemberVintnersCorporate Patrons
年会費 1 year賛助会員(個人)生産者・ワイナリー会員法人会員・スポンサー会員
Basic Service Benefit69,850HUF127,000HUF254,000HUF
More Plus BenefitContact UsContact UsContact Us
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2022.07.20 Updated

Corporate Patrons Membership Benefit

If you agree the contract of Corporate Patrons HJW Please pay for it.

Corporate Patrons Partnership registration form


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