Budapest Borfesztivál 2022

Budapest Wine Festival 2022

『Budapest Bor Fesztival』ー One month from next month, We have the most biggest and most famous wine event in Hungary , “Budapest Bor Fesztival”.

This year in 2022 from September 8th to September 11th, inside the World Heritage Castle Buda Royal Palace Hungarian wine festival will be held.

More than 70,000 wine lovers every year or people who are active in the wine industry gather at the Buda Royal Palace from all over the world,
It is famous as the largest wine festival in Europe.

Hungary Japan Wine Association does PR work for the festival in Asia, PR window we are  in charge of public relations instead of Organizer company.

On the day of the event, the festival basically you can enter from noon, It is scheduled to open until midnight.

* The last day will be closed at 10:00 pm.

Budapest is known as the Pearl of the Danube Beautiful night view along the Danube river.

Many people want to enjoy it with wine, especially on Friday and Saturday night hours, We will reach the peak of visitors.

Schedule/ 2022, 8th September Thu~11 th September Sun

Photo Gallary at Buda Castle

Budapest Wine Festival 2022 Premium Attend Plan

The Budapest Wine Festival, one of the largest wine festivals in Europe, is just one month away from next month.

Hungary Japan  Wine Association,  We prepare the special guide and attend service plan for those who wish to be a guide at the Buda Royal Palace, the venue of the local festival.

This is not just an ordinary guide service, You can meet the keyperson of  wineries,  owners, winemakers, and export managers as well…

We have prepared a premium attendance plan that allows you to meet and interact directly with key persons in the Hungarian wine industry.

Our supporting members of the Hungarian Wine Association will receive a 20% discount on each price.

General individuals/free members can also apply at a 10% discount price.

If you are interested in Hungarian wine and the Hungarian wine industry, if you want to expand your network as a business, Please order our premium attend service.

Also, for those who simply want to enjoy the festival and enjoy meeting and interacting with wonderful wine-loving foreigners,

Every year, over 200 of the country’s leading wineries open their doors at this precious wine festival, where you can have a precious experience.

Please use the guide and attend plan of the Hungary Japan Wine Association.

What is the attractive point, What is the most strongest point of Our premium attend plan

Festival attendance schedule

We anticipate the congestion on the day of the event, and if the guide determines in advance that it will take a considerable amount of time to enter, the time may start one hour earlier than planned. *In that case, we will notify the customer by 6:00 pm the day before the visit.

This is a promotional video for the 30th 2021 Budapest Wine Festival last year. I think you can understand the atmosphere of the opening.

We are also introducing the youtube channel of the Hungarian Wine Association.

Festival Venue Address/ Buda Royal Palace

Buda Castle. Address: 1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2

The price list below is the attendance fee for one person at the Buda Royal Palace and the local wine festival venue. Please pay the tasting fee and food and drink fee at each winery tasting booth and restaurant booth when you participate in the event. *Tickets sold by the festival are for admission only.

This service does not include airfare from Japan or accommodation in Budapest. If you wish to consult with us about your accommodation in advance, we will provide up to two advance consultations free of charge only if cancellation is not possible.

■Minimum number of participants / over 3 persons

Half-day price for a local guide and attendant at the festival venue, price per person

[Supporting members: 20% off each fee*, General individuals/Free members: 10% off each fee*] *Tickets (arrangements) are actual costs, so discounts do not apply.

■ Price per a person / in the case of group over 3 persons until 6 persons

■Minimum number of participants / In the case of one person, the price will be double the above.

Participation by one person, guide and attendant in the festival venue Price [Supporting member / 20% off each fee*, General individual / Free member / 10% off each fee*] *Tickets (arrangements) are at actual cost. Therefore, the discounted price does not apply.

Notes * Please make sure to read before applying.

About cancellation fee / In case of cancellation, we will charge the following fee.

As for shortening the time, first of all, it is possible to shorten the time, such as changing the schedule due to customer’s convenience and ending it early, but the time of the first reservation will be paid for. In addition, although it is an extension, a separate fee will be charged for this. It depends on other reservations, but please feel free to ask.

Budapest Wine Festival 2020
How to apply for premium attend plan participation

  1. Please enter the necessary information in the application form below and press the send button after completing the entry.
  2. In return, we will send a payment link for the total amount of the attendance fee (if you wish to arrange tickets, the total amount of the ticket fee) to the email address you entered.
  3. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, we will send you an invoice by e-mail.

Application Form

  • Budapest Wine Festival 2022 Premium Attend Plan/Application Form

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